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Fit Cake is the only sugar-free confectionery in Poland. We were the first in the country offering cakes and pastries without sugar, gluten and lactose, as well as many vegan options. All in all, you can eat our desserts without guilty conscience and without putting on weight!   





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Social mission

No matter how high-flown it sounds, Fit Cake has a mission. It is expressed in the slogan: "No sugar, no problem". It is our motto, not an empty slogan. Sugar is one of the biggest addictions of the XXI century, and diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases of our civilisation. Therefore, we do not use sugar in our kitchen. We replace it with xylitol, erythritol or fruit. We give up gluten, lactose and animal products.


We also realise our mission by promoting and educating within the field of healthy nutrition. We want to improve the eating habits of people in Poland. We have cooperated with associations and organisations all over the country supporting people with dietary problems, especially children. We cooperate, among others, with the Foundation for Children with Diabetes "3mam cukry" from Białystok, Podkarpackie Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Dzieci i Młodzieży z Cukrzycą from Rzeszów, the Foundation for Children with Diabetes in Warsaw and the Foundation Miś w Fartuchu from Lublin.


Our common activities include:

  • conducting workshops on preparing healthy sweets
  • participating in actions, conferences and events promoting a healthy, sugar-free diet
  • preparing sweet buffets and gifts for special fit occasions
  • organising games and competitions that raise awareness of healthy eating
  • engaging in activities that promote sports and an active lifestyle


There are no problematic customers for us. We are able to satisfy consumers who suffer from gluten intolerance, various allergies, those who follow specialised diets (including weight loss diets), as well as people suffering from coeliac disease, diabetes and other digestive system disorders. We also specialise in products for athletes, people who train very hard and live an active lifestyle.

But that is not all. At the beginning of June we joined the Too Good To Go programme - an organisation that fights against food waste. Thus, with our activity we emphasize even more how close we are to changing eating habits - also those of zero waste.

We encourage everyone who follows the same direction to join our anti-sugar coalition.


The only franchise of its kind

Fit Cake is revolutionising the Polish confectionery industry, as well as the approach to franchising. The chain has developed its own modular franchise system that allows for gradual business development. The investment level starts at PLN 19 000 in case of Fit Cake Mini. This module involves production and distribution of fit sweets. The Fit Cake Standard, i.e. a confectionery with a consumption unit requires a higher financial investment. It costs around PLN 30 000. The top level is Fit Cake Premium, with selected additional options, e.g. vegan ice-cream, keto menu, fit breakfasts. The majority of the brand's franchisees are its previous customers. They usually get their investment back after a few months. The average turnover in the confectionery amounts to PLN 30 000-60 000. One out of five franchisees decides to open more than one sugar-free cake shop. Year by year the chain reports a 100% rise in the number of locations.

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Contact our headquarters  +48 608 873 373

Contact regarding the franchise  +48 506 110 030

Customer reviews

Darek, 29 years old

I have struggled with being overweight for years. Sugar is a product marked with three skulls on my list. Absolutely forbidden! Every manufacturer that helps me to give it up has three hearts on my list. I put five next to Fit Cake because not only do they make the best sugar-free cakes, but they have well-balanced macronutrients and no empty calories. As a person on an everlasting diet, I know something about such things and I appreciate Fit Cake.

Ewa, 42 years old

I am one of the so called problematic customer. I am gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and allergic. I have to be very careful about that. That is why I buy sweets in Fit Cake. There, I have a guarantee that the desserts are not gluten-free only by name. The labels contain the exact ingredients. The sales staff can explain everything in a professional manner. This is a reliable company.

Adrian, 18 years old

I practice kayaking. I have a specific diet that meets my energy needs. I should eat a certain number of carbohydrates, sugars and fats each day. And at certain hours. Sometimes the training lasts even several hours. Then I need a valuable snack. Fit Cake works perfectly in this situation. A bar or dessert in a jar satisfies my needs. It also tastes great!

Natalia, 37 years old

To tell you the truth, I visited Fit Cake because there was no other place in the area that offered gluten-free and sugar-free cakes. I wanted to surprise my 7-year-old son, who is diabetic and had never had a real birthday cake until now. I wasn't expecting anything special. Therefore, I was very impressed with both how the cake looked and how it tasted. Since then we celebrate all special occasions with cakes from Fit Cake. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

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